2019 Board of Director Goals:

  1. Complete a Strategic Plan with the partnership of WSC

  2. Restructure Membership

  3. Hire a fulltime CPA

  4. Hire part time seasonal help

  5. Strengthen the Holiday Stroll

  6. Create two new events:

    1. Bid for Downtowners Conference

    2. Program an event in January or February 



2019 Downtown Atmosphere Committee

  1. Increase walkability from 1st to 6th street through the WDA seasonal calendar and other atmosphere elements.

  2. To enhance the Christmas Season by decorating:

    1. Street Trees

    2. Fundraising

  3. Goal is to create two community engagement art projects.

  4. Goal is to increase Downtown street banners:

    a.      Main Street Market (purchased)

    b.      Explore Downtown (fundraiser)

    c.      Partnership with WSC

  5. Goal is being the process of obtaining Downtown Directories.



2019 Business Development Committee

Goal is to utilize unused space in the Downtown by creating a community asset.

Pop up parks in areas with benches and existence infrastructure

Bench seat areas

Empty stores and spaces

Goal is to restructure member meetings and coffee connections.




2019 Showcase Events (Trail of Treats, Art & Wine Walk, Holiday Stroll)

  1. Goal: Gain Trail of Treats Sponsor(s)

  2. Goal: Focus on one Art & Wine Walk

    a. Add a sponsorship for the glasses

    b. Include 12 Downtown Businesses

  3. Goal: Strengthen the Holiday Stroll

  a. Enhance the firepits

b. Utilized the Hedderichs Lot

c. Involve more carolers

d.  Provide childcare

E. Create signage


2019 Public Events (Summer Nights on Main, Crazy Days, Brewfest)

  1. Implement added add on packages

  2.  Implement required band breaks

  3.  Include tactical directories at the event

  4. Increased food vendors by 2